When it comes to selling and delivering your services, having control over your technology business is crucial to your success.  That’s why over 6,000 technology solution providers enjoy the increased control, heightened productivity and rising revenues provided by putting ConnectWise® at the core of their business.

Help Desk  Service Delivery

Help Desk

ConnectWise help desk software and ticketing system enables your customer support or help desk agents to receive, process, and respond to service requests quickly and efficiently.

Your help desk will gain a broader, user-centered experience with every issue being a ticket that is monitored for SLAs and performance. Plus, our browser and mobile capabilities allow technicians to field issues from anywhere.

In addition, the customizable portal allows your clients that require your help desk services to review their tickets and also pay their current invoice! Make sure they are paid up to date, and provide the help desk support they need within one interface.


ConnectWise’s powerful ticket-management platform allows you to centralize all client issues and keeps everything trackable and billable.  Think about all the different ways your clients submit service requests, and how that affects your business.  The emails, phone calls, and live chat sessions all need to be documented and tracked.  Not just the changes, but the entire conversation.  In ConnectWise, all those processes are captured and represented in one common element, the service ticket. 


  • Capture every service request as a ticket
  • Better manage dispatching/scheduling
  • Capture all billable time
  • Increase employee utilization
  • Increase visibility with real-time reporting
 CRM  Customer Relationship Management 

As the #1 rated CRM for technology companies, ConnectWise helps you improve sales productivity and keep revenue flowing by putting all of your customer and sales information into one centralized system.  Manage your sales pipeline, your sales reps, and keep your funnel full all at the same time.



  • Measure sales activity without micromanaging your staff
  • Forecast sales faster and with better accuracy 
  • Keep your team accountable to meet sales quotas
  • Automate administrative tasks that bog sales reps down
  • Remove bottlenecks with a 360 degree view of customer records

Project Management  Project Management

ConnectWise’s project management module enables you to take commonly disjointed processes and bring them together in one centralized location to create consistent and repeatable processes, ensuring a smooth running project from beginning to end. Whatever stand-alone project management suites can do, you can do with ConnectWise and its integrated project management capabilities and system-generated templates. 


  • Track time against project agreement
  • Create templates for repeatable processes
  • Consistent budget management
  • Set milestones for billing
  • Fully automate processes
  • Enable workflows for product receipt
  • Track project performance against SLA
  • Manage project documentation in centralized location

Accounting  Billing & Financial Management

From quote to invoice, make getting paid easier with the fully automated invoicing capabilities in ConnectWise. Through automation, all service history is tracked and invoices are sent on time and with a level of detail clients will appreciate.  Reduce billing time down to minutes by gathering information more easily and accurately than ever before. Now when the client receives your invoice, you both know the information is accurate and accounted for.


  • Fully automate quote to invoice
  • Track time and expense with budget management
  • Flexibility to handle one-time or recurring payments
  • Integrates to major accounting packages including Quickbooks, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Sage, and Xero
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