• Minimum commitment and purchase time period is one calendar month. If you purchase and cancel within one calendar month, you will be billed for this minimum period on the first day of the following month.




  • Pre-migration analysis. Scan your customer’s content, structure, users, and permissions to understand risks and improve migration planning. Identify what content can be discarded, needs to be re-worked, or migrated as-is.  


  • Effective migration. Easily transfer content from File Shares, Exchange, Gmail, other IMAP/POP3 mailboxes, PST file, Dropbox, Box, Slack, Google Drive, SharePoint (2013-2019), and other tenants to Microsoft 365 with a simple point-and-click interface.
  • Data optimization. Filter based on content properties or metadata to take only what’s relevant, leaving behind content that’s stale or no longer needed.
  • Data Transformation. Map existing security, properties, metadata, and attributes into Microsoft 365 to ensure all business-critical information, including metadata in legacy content sources remains intact.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Allow administrators to plan migration jobs according to business needs with granular or bulk-content migration and give them the power to schedule jobs when it suits the business.      
  • High-speed migration. : Quickly and easily migrate large quantities of content from file systems, Google Drive, and SharePoint Server to Microsoft 365, using Microsoft best practices and the latest APIs.  


  • Monitor progress. Monitor migration status and progress via your migration dashboardReport on migrated data volumes as well as site, list, library, and item counts.
  • Migration reporting. Generate executive-level reports on job count and status, object count and status, and migration trend analysis to highlight the actions taken during the migrationSend automated emails to stakeholders with detailed migration reports.  


BONUS FEATURES from AvePoint Online Services (AOS)

AOS is a 100% SaaS platform for Office 365, hosted on Azure. Simply login, and begin. Cloud Backup and Cloud Management are both part of AOS. 



  • Comprehensive Backup: AvePoint Cloud Backup offers a single backup service for your Microsoft 365 Teams, Groups, Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Project Online, Planner, and Public Folders.     
  • Worry-free Backup: Backups run automatically up to four times daily.
  • Reduce recovery time: Quickly search for, and locate content for restore, based on owner or metadata. Search for Microsoft 365 sites, libraries, OneDrives, mailboxes, Public Folders, tasks, mailboxes, plans and Teams.
  • On-demand restore: Recover on-demand, or schedule restore windows. Restore granular content, even security only, in-place or out of place. Or, export content offline as a .ZIP or PST, with metadata and permissions in-tact.
  • End-User Restore: AVA, AvePoint’s Virtual Assistant, is a chatbot that automatically responds to end users’ chat requests to recover and restore lost content. Now available in Microsoft Teams App Store.
  • Storage on Your Terms: With Cloud Backup bonus licenses, provided with Cloud Management and Microsoft 365 Migration SKUs, store backup data in your own storage – including Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Amazon S3-Compatible Storage, Dropbox, and any data destination accessible via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP). 
  • Multi-Geo Support: Backup data can be stored, retained, processed, and managed entirely in-country, guaranteeing data security and sovereignty.



  • Reduce Administrative Overhead: Centralize and simplify Microsoft 365 Site administrative functions, as well as customer licensing and onboarding, through a single pane of glass, while quickly discovering problems in permissions and configurations.               
  • Security and Policy Enforcement: Monitor Microsoft 365 sites and content around the clock and automatically report and repair unauthorized changes to security settings and configurations.
  • Simplified Management: Move or copy content in bulk across Microsoft 365 instances for simplified site-to-site migrations.
  • Reporting. Generate reports on global Microsoft 365 Group, Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive Sites’ settings and security, including external sharing. Or create audit reports of item lifecycle, list deletion, permission changes, site access, and user lifecycle across Microsoft 365. 
  • Restructuring and Synchronization: Easily deploy, maintain, and push designs and customizations to configurations. Synchronize changes across environments to re-use robust policies, design elements, and applications.