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Dropsuite Business Backup + Email Archiving provides advanced cloud-based storage to protect and preserve Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace data, while also providing journaling-based email archiving for Exchange, Gmail, IMAP or POP protocols to preserve, search, hold and comply with compliance regulations and privacy laws. 


Dropsuite cloud-based email archiving helps any organization efficiently store, safeguard, manage, and discover data from most email systems such as Microsoft Exchange Online, Hosted Exchange, Google Workspace, Gmail, and IMAP or POP protocols. With this service, all emails are securely backed up and professionally archived. They are also easily searchable, discoverable, and accessible. 


Customers are covered in the event of a legal motion to hold a set of email records, or when a third-party regulator requests to access emails in the case of a compliance audit. Emails, attachments, calendar, tasks and related files are archived using envelope journaling, ensuring all assets are stored without fail. Dropsuite customers feel confident knowing their company’s emails are archived securely and are readily available should the need arise. 


With Dropsuite Business Backup + Email Archiving for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, customer data is kept safe and in compliance with regulatory requirements that include GDPR, HIPAA, SOC, and more, through military-grade encryption that protects data at rest and in transit. Dropsuite helps to close the data protection gaps in Office 365 Gmail. 


Key Details

Category: Continuity 

Sub-categories: SaaS Backup 

Billing Terms: Bill Ahead 

Billing Unit: User 

Trial: No 

Partner Shell: Yes 

Support: Pax8 Supported 

Compliance: GDPR, HIPAA, SOC2; Data centers FISMA, ISO 27001, SSAE16 compliant 

Pax8 Availability: Worldwide

PSA Integrations: Connectwise Manage 

RMM Integrations: Platforms Supported: Microsoft 365, Google Workspace 



  1. Journaling-based email archiving 
  2. Exchange Online backup 
  3. Gmail backup (Google Workspace)
  4. Outlook backup (Microsoft 365)
  5. Calendars, Tasks, and Attachments backup for both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace
  6. OneDrive/SharePoint backup (Microsoft 365) and My Drive/Shared Drive backup (Google Workspace)
  7. Microsoft Teams backup 
  8. Insights email business intelligence 


  1. Closes common Office 365 data protection gaps 
  2. Supports compliance efforts 
  3. Scalable to meet the needs of the business 
  4. Protects the whole Office 365 environment 
  5. Provides single-pane visibility 

Business Backup + Email Archiving includes the following: 


Microsoft 365 Backup:


  1. Exchange Online backup - Dropsuite provides unlimited storage and the option for unlimited restore you’ll never need to worry about running out of storage. 
  2. OneDrive and SharePoint backup - Maintain complete copies of critical business digital assets to ensure protection from hackers, encryption malware, accidental deletion and more. 
  3. Teams backup - Microsoft Teams backup is included with Dropsuite Backup for Office 365. Teams has quickly become the go-to chat messaging and file-sharing tool for Microsoft Office 365 users and Dropsuite protects all Teams files, including channel chats and private chats. 
  4. Groups backup - Microsoft 365 Groups backup is included with Dropsuite Backup. Groups is a powerful tool for creating sets of members and shared resources for collaboration and project management. 
  5. Calendars, Tasks, and Attachments backup - Microsoft Calendars, Contacts and Tasks are also included in Microsoft 365 backup by Dropsuite to ensure your calendar, contact and task data is safe, protected and secure. 


Google Workspace Backup


  1. Gmail backup - Gmail is being adopted more and more by small businesses. Business Backup makes it fast, easy, and secure as possible to backup and recover your Google Workspace Gmail data with the 1-Click restore feature. 
  2. My Drive and Shared Drive backup - Backup My Drive and Shared Drive with Dropsuite and ensure all your business-critical data saved to Shared Drive is protected from loss or threat.  
  3. Contacts, Calendars and Tasks backup – Calendars, Contacts and Tasks are also included in Google Workspace backup by Dropsuite to ensure your calendar, contact and task data is safe, protected and secure. 


Business Backup also includes Insights BI, an advanced email analytics toolkit that uncovers buried Microsoft 365 email data and helps uncover actionable business intelligence quickly. Insights BI helps to turn complex and extensive email data sets into simple yet powerful reports, graphs and charts that help customers find issues and recommend improvements. 



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