MyCloudIT is an automation platform for IT companies to simplify, optimize, and scale the delivery of remote desktops, remote applications and infrastructure in Microsoft Azure. The MyCloudIT platform reduces deployment time by 95%, Azure cost by 30%, and moves their client’s entire IT infrastructure into the cloud in just a few clicks.

Partners can now manage customers from one global dashboard, service end-users around the world like never before, and grow revenues without adding additional overhead or extensive Azure training.


Expedite deploying desktops and apps into your own Azure subscription by levering your subscription provided by TechData.



Deploy desktops and applications for 1000s of users in less than 90 minutes.



Integrate seamlessly with Azure services, such as Backups, Schedules, Collection management, Office 365, and more!

MyCloudIT - Management


Monitor 30 RDS metrics in real-time to pinpoint potential bottlenecks and keep end-users free of service disruptions.

MyCloudIT - Monitoring

Analytics & Reporting

Provide insights of RDS deployments and cost optimization over time.

MyCloudIT - Reporting


Get instant support from our database of RDS Q&A and technical experts for any cloud problems.

MyCloudIT - Support


Demos for MyCloudIT: Desktop & Application Hosting in Azure


Deploy RDS in Azure IaaS in a few clicks


Manage Virtual Machines, Users/Groups & Collections


Manage RemoteApp & Azure Schedules


Add users via Office 365 integration


Integrate with Microsoft Azure Backups


Monitor 30 RDS metrics in real-time




What is RDS on Azure IaaS?

The MyCloudIT platform leverages Microsoft Azure infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to deliver IT services in the public cloud. Your monthly Azure cost is based on the number of desktops and applications deployed as well as different customization options.

How can I try MyCloudIT?

Once signing up with MyCloudIT, you can create a free remote desktop to get a feel for the end-user experience with no credit card required. You will receive login credentials from MyCloudIT and have access for 48 hours.

You'll also receive 1 free MyCloudIT license to spin up a POC deployment. Don't forget to take advantage of your free Azure credits during the POC period.

How can I purchase MyCloudIT?

You can purchase MyCloudIT directly from the StreamOne Solutions Store by TechData. You can use your Microsoft Azure account.

Only purchase 1 MyCloudIT Registration SKU on StreamOne to activate your coupon code. Once logging in the MyCloudIT platform, you'll be able to create multiple deployments.

How much does MyCloudIT cost?

MyCloudIT is available in the StreamOne Solutions Store starting at $8 per user per month. In addition to MyCloudIT license, there'll be Microsoft Remote Access fee (RDS SAL or SPLA) for $6 per user per month and varied Azure costs based on monthly consumption.

The service will auto-renew on a monthly basis until you cancel. The cloud based solution and pay-as-you-go pricing make it highly attractive for customers looking to avoid large CAPEX expenses and long term commitment.

TechData will bill you directly, so there's no need to enter a credit card in our system. 

What type of desktop experience will my users have?

RDS deployments are based on Windows 2016 R2 servers. At the moment of the network creation, or even after it's creted, you have the option of setting a Windows 8 or Windows 10 experience.

Can I only publish applications like in Azure RemoteApp?

Yes. MyCloudIT is one of the Microsoft-certified Azure RemoteApp replacements.

You can use our RemoteApp templates and publish only the applications you want. The platform will handle all the back-end configuration for you.

Many customers prefer to use MyCloudIT instead of Azure RemoteApp because we allow more control over the underlyng infrastructure. For example, you can select the size of the VMs, schedule on/off times, link users with Office 365, create collections, etc.

How can I learn more information about MyCloudIT?

Please visit to learn more about our desktop and application hosting solution.


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