Azure Services

 Nerdio for Azure

Nerdio for Azure is the definitive Azure management solution for MSPs that empowers partners to build successful cloud practices in Microsoft Azure.
Nerdio helps partners in the following ways:
Pricing--our Cost Estimator provides a monthly per-user cost, leveraging standardized templates.
Deployment--automatically deploy a complete IT environment in Azure within 2 hours, and without an engineer.
Management--ingle pane-of-glass management portal for all IT components across all customers.
Optimization--standardized and auto-scaled IT environments significantly increase MSP margins with Azure.

Cloud Backup

 Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365 (BYOS)

Formerly known as Cloud Management for Microsoft 365. AvePoint Cloud Backup is the most complete cloud-to-cloud backup solution for Microsoft 365. Choose this offer to store backup data in your own storage (BYOS). Backups happen automatically. You just decide how much to recover, and when with on-demand and granular restore for anytime access to critical emails, files, conversations, projects, tasks, Groups, Teams, and sites. Help connect your users with their lost content by automating restores with AVA, AvePoint’s Virtual Assistant. Comes with Cloud Management, for easy M365 administration, as a bonus.
This product offering is for resale to, or management of, a single Microsoft 365 tenant.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

 Dynamics 365 - Standard and Select Suites

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of CRM and ERP applications. Flexible pricing options allow each application to be used alone but they are also designed to offer a complete solution. Personalize customer experiences with end-to-end, outcome-focused journeys and access contacts, leads, and customer accounts. Analyze internal and external data to identify patterns and predict outcomes using built-in reports. Microsoft Dynamics lets you securely automate and organize business processes such as marketing, sales, and customer service.

Cloud Project Agenda

 We have Cloud Consultants on retainer working to ensure your next web application project is a success. Included are a customized template and the helix ultimate template for the best customer experience possible. We also offer the project, jobs, and customer relationship modules included in your web project, as well as the page builder and quix builder included in your package. We also offer a shopping cart and a payment, shipping, and SEO modules included in your project for one price.