Customer Relationship Management Development

Introduction to  CRM


CRM offers an incredible value. A CRM integrated natively into your Joomla website, where you have complete control over your data, your users, your business. And a Customer Relations Management extension that is completely open sourced. Modify it as much as you want. Select a color scheme that ties seamlessly into your website. All of this at only a fraction of the cost of other CRM systems, and you only pay once. Ever.
There are many reasons why you implement a CRM. With CRM as your Joomla-based CRM you'll find that you can easily manage and update your leads, contacts and deals.

The key features of the CRM

1 - Automated lead forms

With the automated lead forms you can quickly and easily capture new lead information from your website. Using the lead form Wizard you are able to create forms which also include custom fields. By copying the generated HTML you can place your form anywhere on the Internet. Or you can use the included plug-in to have the form auto added to any position on your website.

2 - Open-source and Self-hosted Solution

CRM provides a much better solution than your typical software as a service. The JoomCRM CRM does not require the typical per month per seat subscriptions that are often found with other CRM solutions. In addition JoomCRM allows you to host all of your own information in your own database. This puts you completely in control of your own data.


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